I like it small

I’m taking speech this semester, and tomorrow is the first day we “take the stage”.  It’s just a short, easy 1-2 minute speech on “What you believe” in.  My professor left it wide open to anything we want to talk about.  Now, I know that on here, I get pretty deep, but in real life, I try to avoid talking about controversial subjects.  So this is what I will be saying tomorrow.  It has no depth and is nice and short! (Odd for me, I know . . .)

Small-town Beliefs

Emily Welin

             I have chosen to share a part of me that may not be considered as “important” or “serious” as deeper topics such as politics or religion.  But I took this route because it’s a belief that will tell you a lot about me.

                I believe in small-town values.  My hometown has fewer than 700 people.  But since I live on the family farm, my community is more like 10 people.    Both have taught me this pattern of life.

                People smile and wave at strangers when they walk down the street.  We patiently hold the door open for those coming behind us.  Not just men for women; it’s more about people paying attention to the other’s around them.  It’s acknowledging their presence even in your busy-ness.

                Basically, it all boils down to caring and trust.  That’s why everyone stops and asks the polite “how are you?”, to which everyone responds “good” . . . even when they’re doing terrible.  That’s why we leave our doors unlocked.  That’s why, at every big event, you’ll have an entire town supporting you.  When local people journey to success in, say, athletics or music, congratulation posters go up in businesses, ¾ of the town attends your big event and any financial support needed will magically roll in. 

                And I personally know the support that the close-knit communities shoulder during any kind of tragedy. 

                So why do I consider this a “belief”?  Because I believe that this is how a person should live their life.  I believe that it’s the way the world is meant to run.


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