Little Bear

Everyone, meet my bear Wallace.  This little guy is named after the first youth speaker I ever heard (and first good speaker I ever heard). 

With the start of Wallace (the bear, not the speaker) I began collecting bears.  I have teddy bears, pictures of bears, knick-knacks of bears. . . It’s been a lot of fun.  But sadly, I’d forgotten about poor little old Wallace until last night.

I came home from my first week in college beat, spent and exhausted.  18 credits will do that to you. My mother had my carpets cleaned, so my room was in complete upheaval. 

Then I saw Wallace staring blankly at me from my “bear” shelf.  My mother must have found him and put him there, because I don’t remember him being there when I left. 

It was like seeing him for the first time!  I got to run my fingers through his soft, gentle fur,  play with his bow, dust off his eyes and nose . . . okay, I sound like I’m six, but what the heck.  I love this little guy.  I squeezed him tight and just held him. 

He’s a little on the small side for that, but he worked.  And he brought back so many encouraging memories and funny stories!  I’m going to pack him up and bring him back to my college dorm with me!

What tangible object do you use for comfort? (C’mon, you can admit it. lol  We’re all friends, here . . .)


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