I hate these things

So, if you remember this post, which I wrote almost two months ago, my laptop broke down.  Kind of.  It wasn’t working right for a long time.  Anyway, I just got it back from Dell YESTERDAY.  They can’t fix it and won’t warranty it.

Supposedly, you can’t use laptops on soft surfaces, such as beds, couches or YOUR LAP. (and they call it a LAPtop why??)  When you do this, it blocks the fans.  Laptops need to be set on hard surfaces.  I did not know this. (Hey, I’m computer illiterate.  Cut me some slack)

My computer is WORSE now.  Not only did they not fix it, now it won’t turn on.  Some error message pops up instead.  Grrr.  I really hate computers.   

So I’m doing all my blogging courtesy of my college roommate and her generosity at sharing her computer.  Therefore, as you can see, posts are sporadic and I’m slow at responding to comments.  I’m very sorry.  But please don’t let that stop you from commenting.  I try get here when I can!



4 Responses

  1. Apple Mac Book Pro, ultra-sleek, ultra-sexy, ultra-pricey, but worth it. Life was so much better without technology, ink and paper, an envelope, a stamp, three days wait and a pleasent surprise in the mail. Now it’s ‘look and e-mail from Emily, I’ll read it later.’ I think I’m going to write someone a letter.

  2. So they said the warranty is void if you ever use your laptop on soft surfaces?

    Everyone I know who has a laptop uses it on soft surfaces (pillows, laps, beds, carpets).

    Now, if you want to maximize the battery life, you will try to use it on hard surfaces as often as you can, but it’s unreasonable to expect that laptop users will use their laptops exclusively on hard surfaces.

    What error message do you get when it turns on?

  3. Sorry, I wrote this entry kind of confusing. Because I used my laptop on soft surfaces, it overheated, causing the damage. Dell does not warranty a computer when it overheats, regardless of what caused it.

    @A.Y. Siu: the error message says “A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage.” Several ppl have looked at it, including a guy who has worked for Dell for 4 years, but no one can figure it out. So it looks like I have to invest in a new laptop.

  4. That message doesn’t necessarily indicate a hardware problem, but if you know your laptop has a tendency to overheat and cause damage to its internals, then, yes, you probably do have to eventually buy a new laptop.

    In the meantime, see if you can track down a Linux geek at your school (they often are involved in computer-related majors but not necessarily), and get a free Linux live CD and use that to copy over your important files and install Linux over Windows so you have at least something to use until you can afford a new laptop.

    If you can’t, for whatever reason, find a Linux geek (they’re all over the world, though) and if you’re feeling up to it yourself, you can also download and burn your own copy by following these instructions.

    And if you feel weird about installing an operating system, you can just use the live CD. It will allow you to surf the internet, blog, write papers, instant message, whatever—without affecting your hard drive.

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