I had to give my Informative speech for speech class on Monday (I may tell you more on that adventure in another post).  For now, I’m just going to share a picture of what mental-blanking looks like:

I wanted to buy something to “treat” myself to when I finished my speech.  However, I tend to be a tad health-conscious.  Nothing healthy comes out of the vending machine.  I don’t even remember what I had my eye on, but it was at least semi-good-for-you.  Probably pretzels or something. 

However, turtle chex mix, as pictured above, was directly underneath my desired item.  For some strange reason, using my last quarters, I typed in the E94 combination for the chex mix instead. 

Now, I think they look disgusting.  So I did not eat them.  I tried giving them away.  My first two prospects agreed with my analysis of “gross”, but thankfully my roommate was ecstatic to get them.  Not sure why, but I’m glad.  And since she had her speech today, too, they were a celebration for her, I guess.

Anyway, please SOMEONE tell me you’ve made that same mistake so I don’t feel quite so blonde!!  🙂



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