ah, college

I took my science mid-term last week.  (I know, it was very early.)  I am terrible at science.  I was very worried about my score.  I had my cousin tutor me, which helped immensely!  That’s probably the only reason I did okay.  I got one point off an essay question and only two questions wrong.  I have no idea how many questions there were and what the math is for my grade, but it should be an “A”. 

Problem, though.  According to the computer, I have an “F”.  Why?  Because I FORGOT TO WRITE MY NAME ON MY TEST!!! How could I forget that???  So the computer doesn’t recognize my scores.  😦

I just e-mailed my professor to see if we can fix it.  I hope we can . . . yikes!

Don’t you LOVE college???


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