a story for y’all!

Once upon a time there was a girl in college.  She was a freshman.  This freshman and her roommate decided to have some fun one weekend by going to the homecoming dance.  They spent hours getting ready, curling their hair . . .

and putting on make up.


When they were all done, they prepared to go to the dance!

They found, though, that a body can only dance to the same beat for so long.  However, after putting all that work into getting ready, they didn’t just want to call it a night!  Instead, they decided to take the bus to a late movie!

They sat at the bus stop waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting.

It turns out that the bus actually does stop, eventually, and they were too late.  All they got for their efforts was getting chilled in the cold and watching a drunk man stumble around warning everyone not to step on his cigarette while he tried in vain to find it.

The girls came up with another plan.  There was a friend who was getting off of work late that night.  Maybe he’d like to see a movie?  After some texting, it was decided that the friend would simply call when he had the chance and the night would be decided then.  The girls were so excited!  They went to freshen up and “re-did” their hair and makeup.

They waited and waited, but the phone did not ring!  They decided they needed some coffee.  Being poor college students who had paid in coins to get into the dance, (pathetic) they pooled their money together to come up with the 50 cents the machine took for coffee. (Very cheap, but still good coffee.)

They ended up with 58 cents. . . enough to share one cup of coffee.   🙂    However, it turns out that the machine did not take pennies and did not like to give back complete change!  So now, robbed by the coffee machine and still without coffee, they continued to wait for the friend to call.

He did.  Only to break the sad news that he already had plans.  😦

Finally exhausted and resigned to their fate, the girls scanned the phonebook for delivery pizza places open at 1:00 a.m.  Not many.  By stroke of luck, they stumbled on Dominoes, which delivered until 2:00.  Ordering plenty of food, thanks to “student specials”, they waited for the delivery man. 

Finally, he arrived with their food!

After indulging on too much food and getting very minimal amounts of sleep, the girls woke up feeling sick.  [will refrain from picture, as to not scare children.]  They officially had a “non-alcoholic” version of a hangover.

They learned a valuable lesson, however:  having fun in college while staying sober (and legal) is very difficult to do!

The End


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun night was had. You look really pretty in your dress as well in case anyone else failed to mention the obvious

  2. i loved college life! what a fun season of life you’re in!

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