Yesterday was my grandparent’s 50 anniversary!  When they were married my grandpa was 24, my grandma 17 (yikes!).  Here’s how the story goes.

Grandpa was drafted into the army and stationed far from home (I’ll exclude specific places, as this is the World Wide Web!).  He made a friend with my grandma’s brother, who was also in the army, but lived near where they were stationed.  During their days off my grandpa, unable to return home, would go home with his friend and sleep on their couch.  My grandpa never saw combat, they were just in training together. 

Well, as the story has it, there was another man vying for my grandma’s attention (sheesh, popular gal for being so young!), but my grandma made her choice.  Her choice came with sacrifices, however.  She didn’t have a big wedding, the family just went to the pastor’s house and they were married there (she wasn’t even wearing a white dress; it was green.).  After that, my grandpa returned home to farm with his family.  So, he took his young 17-year-old-bride–still just a girl, really–halfway across the country and for awhile they lived with his parents on the farm, until his parents–my great-grandparents–built another house on another farmstead we have.  So, my grandmother left all she knew to come live with complete strangers.  50 years ago, they didn’t have much communication.  She was in a place with different food choices, climate, attitudes and ways of living.  She had to learn how to be a farmer’s wife and help her husband. (Her dad had worked in a lumber factory of sorts.)  She had to try not step on her mother-in-law’s toes, since it was her house.  I don’t even know if her in-laws knew about her until she arrived.  Talk about pressure!

She then proceeded to pop out six kids–only one of which was a girl.  Five boys.  The woman had to raise five rambunctious boys!  By the time she was my age–19–she’s already had a kid (my dad) and was pregnant again.  I can’t even imagine it.

I hope she doesn’t have any regrets.  I love my family.  Today we’re all hosting an open-house for them and it will be the first time all of us have ever been together, due to many recent additions to our family.  It’s an exciting time.  A time to celebrate love and sacrifice.  A time to recognize just how much we owe my grandparents. 

If I ever become half of the woman my grandmother is, I’ll be happy.  She’s the kind of grandma who’s always got some baked goodies for you to have, assumes you’re staying for dinner if you’re over and mends all my clothes for me.  She loves to read (like me) and we’ll talk about books together.  She’s into family history and putting together geneologies, so last week I spent hours with her doing that.  We decided we’re going travelling together someday!  My grandma has her mother living with them (she did keep in touch with her family throughout the years.).  My great-grandma is scared to be left alone, so my grandmother for the past several years has basically had no life, being home-bound with her.  Some of us take turns baby-sitting my great-grandmother for her, so she can go shopping or go to church occasionally, but it’s nothing compared to what she needs.  But without blinking an eye, she stepped up to that job.  She knows sacrifice. 

I hope that we (her children and grandchildren) have been “reward” enough.  Because we aren’t all perfect, sweet-tempered people like she and my grandpa are.  Not even close.  Yet she’s always on the defensive for us.  Bless her heart.

Anyway, that’s my romantic story.  Now tell me yours. How did you meet your spouse??


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  1. I would tell you my story but I’m still single. I’m looking for someone but still single.

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