losing sight?

Yesterday I was rushing around, a tad stressed, at college.  As I was sitting in my Humanities class, I was brought short, however.  My teacher was discussing the Renaissance and the break-off of Martin Luther from the Catholic church.  I wasn’t paying attention, but was thinking of a test I had later that day.  But as my professor kept talking, this topic kept running through my head.

Has the 21st century Amercian church turned into a comparable model of the corrupt 16th century Catholic one? 

The way my professor described the problems Luther found in his day was that, “the Church had it’s own agenda” instead of preaching of spiritual matters.  When they preached that salvation is through “faith and good works”, the “good works” were, conveniently, giving money to the church.  It was veering away, at that time, from God.  They wanted money for all their building projects and fancy expenses.

Now think of today.  I am SO sick of politics. (a stark contrast of how I felt and blogged at the beginning of the political process!!) I really cannot describe how much I want November 4 to be over!  But how many pastors and religious leaders have told you how to vote?  Or how God thinks of certain issues?  Now, I believe you should exercise your right to vote.  I also think it’s important to stand for what you believe in.  That is not what I am talking about.  I’m speaking of the OBSESSIVENESS that has taken over Christians when you bring up the election.  Don’t tell me that you believe God is ultimately in control; act like you believe He is. 

I do believe that religious leaders need to step back off the politics podium and focus on the calling God brought them to: salvation.  I don’t believe we can afford, in our day and age, to turn people off because of where we stand on politics.  This is not saying “be ashamed” or hide your views.  It’s saying don’t lose focus on the Great Commission.  I’ll bet satan just LOVES election-time. 

There’s also a HUGE focus lately on good works.  Of course, this depends on your denomination.  Some churches have always preached that.  But even protestant faith- based-only churches are hitting heavily now on how you need to be “good people”.  I hope some of that sinks in to their audiences.  We need more good people in this world.  But I’m not seeing those people pour out of churches.  That’s where I’m finding grasping, conniving, agenda-filled, gossipy, judgemental people.  My theory is that they really are TRYING to be “good people” like their pastor’s are pushing for, but are trying so hard it’s back-firing.  Isn’t it easier to judge and gossip about how Joe Blow ISN’T being good than simply being good yourself?

What I wouldn’t give just to hear a pure salvation-message.  Someone speaking WITHOUT the assumption that everyone in the congregation is “saved”.  Maybe then we’d re-prioritize, get back to the basics and let the course of life run as meant.  We could stay out of filthy politics and stop entering relationships with strings attached (I’m your friend so I can “witness” to you, not because I actually like you as a person”).

We’re no longer about having a “relationship with Christ”, but have become a true religion. 

Good luck working and “politicizing” your way to heaven.

Anyway, those are my heavy words for the day.  Please don’t let it make you too upset or depressed.  Underneath it all, you can find beauty in this world. (Just not in the political media . . .)

Blessings to you ALL (even “politicizers” and work-based Christians)  🙂 

NOTE AS OF MON. OCT. 7: To those of you who have previously read this article, I apologize for an error I had made.  I referred to voting day as Nov. 11, whereas, in fact, it is the 4th.  I have changed it now and apologize for any confusion or offensiveness.  The 11th is Veteran’s Day and there is certainly no reason I want that day over.


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  1. Every now and then the church steps out into politics. What do people who have faith in the Scriptures are looking in politics? There is a striking paralelism between 9/11 terrorists acts and 9-11 verses in the Bible and recently 9/12. http://www.samrosemin.wordpress.com http://www.911andthebible.com

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