right or not?

So, this was a post that was meant to be published last week:

Hmmm.  I’m presently faced with a dilemma (Presently meaning right this second as I type this.)  I’m at work (I work at my school’s library) and the book cart I’m working on has come to a stand-still while my boss is in the back searching for a missing item for me.  I literally cannot do anything until she gets back, but who knows how long she will be digging around in storage?

So, I’m just sitting here.  I HATE being bored and looking lazy–especially at work.  Everyone else is so diligently working and I don’t just want to sit around.  So I’m checking e-mail and–obviously–blogging while at work.

I’m so ashamed, though!  I’m not supposed to be getting paid to be on-line!  Every time someone walks by I quickly close the window and click on random buttons on my computer screen, faking diligence.

I had just finished writing the entry, and was about to type in TAGS, when my boss arrived.  I quickly minimized the window.  Then both my boss and another lady I work with had to use my computer quickly for some things.  And there was my minimized window “footsteps of life” at the bottom.  I have no idea if they saw it or not.  I just felt so GUILTY. What is the chance that the ONE time I’m on-line at work that would happen? 

When I got back on, I just exited the window without getting the chance to publish the article and have been busy every second since, it would seem.  But I’ll post it now.

Tell me:  Is it wrong to do personal stuff while working??   Honest opinions, now!!



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  1. In my opinion if you don’t have any thing else to do or your at a standstill until your able to get help than yes I think its okay. I work at a place that is extremely boring. Hardly anything happens so some of the time I’m online.

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