Truth Seeker

Why is it so difficult to be honest? 

I am in the middle of doing a research project on bias in the news media.  Although I knew about it before starting, I’m seriously APPALLED at what I’m uncovering.  Not outlandish lies from one side verses another, but reading the same story that points guilt at opposite people.

Example: I’m now reading two articles on America’s mortgage crisis.  One article blames Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on a majority of democrats in Congress and dishonest journalists who refused to speak up for the truth which they knew.  My other article blames it all on a majority of Republicans.  Both quote figures and names and sound well-researched and legit. 

But they can’t be. 

Maybe this means, for this particular topic, that BOTH democrats and republicans are at fault.  But then those articles should have come to such a conclusion.  They are bias.  They are lying.

And I’m annoyed. 

I’ve been considering going into the news-field.  I’m an English major now, but my school has a dual English-Mass Communications program that many of my friends take.  This research project, though with disappointing results, has been fun and exciting.  Maybe I need to step into the journalism field. At the very least, I’m going to start talking about truth here more (just to warn you).

It’s time to bring honesty back to America.


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  1. I agree it is time to bring honesty back to America. I also know that people hate to admit they are wrong.

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