Weekends. Some college students study, others party or hang with friends.  Maybe catch up on lost sleep.  But not me.  My room-mate and I gave our dorm a fall-cleaning (as in everything dusted and rearranged!) then I spent time making inspirational signs to hang up.  I also have random quotes or Bible verses typed, but they aren’t as fun as these:


my career theme-verse

These next two I didn’t make.  They are two of my favorite prayers and I simply googled them.  🙂





May you have a blessed day full of reminders of what it is that you treasure!!


p.s.~ to give credit to the people I took my quotations from:

STASI ELDREDGE is the co-author of Captivating: Unveling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul.  She wrote this book with her husband, John Eldredge, founder of Ransomed Heart Ministries.   “We are committed to helping others rediscover [the Gospel’s] beauty and power. . . This message has been lost and shrouded by religion.”

MIKE EDGE:  Life coaches Mike and Laura Ege challenge people who are tired of shallow, ineffective faith to go beyond the brink of what they’ve always known and ignite a spiritual journey full of adventure, purpose, and freedom. To learn more about living a spiritual edge-venture and sign up for a FREE email series, ‘7 Radical Freedoms’, visit their site at http://www.OutsideEdgeCoaching.com.


One Response

  1. Emily,

    We love your poster! And your heart.

    Thanks for mentioning us in your post.

    Blessings to you,

    Julie from the team at Ransomed Heart

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