Dear Mr. President (elect)

Dear Mr. President (elect),

Congratulations!!  You have made history!  For the first time in over 200 years, our nation will have a black president. I cannot fathom what this must mean to you, as well as to all African-Americans.  It’s a day that will be recorded in history books and told to children across our beloved nation.  I’m very sorry that your grandmother was not able to witness your special day.  I hope that her memory lives warm in your hearts as you take this new venture in your life.

I will be honest: I did not vote for you.  In most issues, you and I stand at opposite ends.  I believe human life starts at conception, I believe pulling out of Iraq before the job is done will mean grave danger for our nation, I believe in working hard for what you have (including health insurance) and not letting the government take that from you (I’m probably one of the few college students in the nation who does not like your “spread the wealth” goal.)

But there are other things I believe in:  democracy, unity, peace.  Our country cannot go on like the past eight years, with people blaming the president for everything from the war to bad weather.  Sadly, I’m afraid you have accepted the position of the next scape-goat of the United States.  A figure for all of us to throw our troubles on because we are too lazy to take responsibility and get ourselves out of our own problems.  But that will not be done by me.  America voted.  You won fairly.  And I consider you my next president.  A figure of authority over me.  One that I will not always agree with, but neither will I point fingers at, tell jokes about or make up lies of.  I will learn to see the good and come to respect you for it.

To start now,  I respect your positive attitude.  I respect your patience.  I respect your careful tact.  I respect how you told the press to back off of Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter.  I respect your gracious and none-combative form you had when debating. 

I do not know if the above qualities were merely a result of good acting or whether you actually possess them, but for now I will give you the benefit of the doubt and watch you prove or disprove them over time.

One favor I ask of you, however.  I know that you will not be overturning Roe vs. Wade, but whatever you do, could you not make it worse?  Please just leave it as it is.  I ask because I’ve heard rumors–just rumors, but still scary–that you’d force all hospitals to perform abortions when needed.  If that happens, my friend (as well as many other people) will lose her job.  She is a neo-natal nurse, but cannot perform something she believes in her heart to be complete and unethical murder.  She will have to quit and all those years of college and the ridiculous amount of money spent on it will go down the drain.  She will no longer have a career.  We’re already in a depression.  We don’t need to the job market fluctuating!

Anyway, in closing, let me once again say congratulations.  I was privileged to be able to watch history be made last night. 

May we forever remain a United nation.



3 Responses

  1. I loved reading this post. I didn’t vote for Obama either. I don’t agree with some of what he believes in. I didn’t know that he told the press to back off sarah palins teenage pregnant daughter. That makes me think a little bit more of him than I did. Whether he did it to make himself look good or did it because he really felt it I don’t know. But only time will tell.

  2. Yes, time will reveal a lot of things! He told the press to back of Palin’s daughter when the news of her pregnancy first broke out. He said that children were off-limits to reporters and reminded them that he himself is a product of an illegitimate union.

    Thanks for reading my blog so diligently! I appreciate it very much!!!

    Many Blessigns,

  3. great thoughts and I agree with you.

    i wrote something with a similar purpose on my blog, and wordpress knew to list yours beneath it as a “possibly related post”

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