happy-thanksgivingThis is my favorite holiday!!  🙂   I’m so excited.  Bring out the turkey, pumpkin pie and lefse! I’m traveling a few hours for the holidays this year, which doesn’t usually happen.  We usually get together with family that’s close by.  But my uncle wanted to host us this year, so we’re headed out to see him.  I love my family.

Top 10 things I’m thankful for in 2008:

10. Finding the perfect college

9. My new English-nerd friends I made at college

8. Being able to room with my best friend and still get along great with her! 🙂

7. Seeing my relationship with my brother and parents become even stronger after moving out

6. Having a close group of friends (there are four of us) to support each other through our college career

5. Having my cousin teach me to play guitar

4. Living close to the above cousin

3. Finding a new church after months of searching!

2. Getting my beliefs challenged heavily and growing from it

1. Watching my family heal after the death of my cousin, and realizing that we will all be okay.




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