writing woes

Despite what it may seem like due to recent posts, this is still the blog of a writer and I really do write!!  It has been too long, I admit, since I was able to sit down and let my imagination control the keyboard.  I have missed it.  But yesterday, I started up again.  My original plans for yesterday were changed last-minute, so with the afternoon at my disposal, I opened up my laptop and found my latest story.   Then I discovered yet another “writer’s cross”.

I don’t know how many of you are writers, but maybe some you can empathize with me.  I had to make a somewhat-painful decision for my characters.  The story I’m working on started out (years ago) being simple and straightforward.  Then it took a turn for complicated, but I’ve been going at this complicated path with enjoyment.  However, it started getting unrealistic and too out-of-character for my characters.  So, sitting down with pen and paper, I wrote out the steps my story would take the new complicated way verses the old and simple.  I had to decide on a route; I  can’t keep going back and forth with it.

I chose to go simple.  The story needs to get back to its roots, where it was meant and where it will flow.  My character’s need to be given a chance to take over their story once more. 

But it meant creating a “deleted scenes” folder and rendering hours of work useless. 

*sigh* Welcome to the life of a writer.   😉


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