Whoda thought?

ipod-nanoWell, I’ve done it.  I had to get help in order to make it happen, but after all these years, I now own an iPod.  My parents gave me one for Christmas.  As you can imagine, after years of collecting CDs, the past few days have been consumed with downloading music, a very l-o-n-g process!!  I’m excited, because it will make going running easier, mowing the lawn, going on trips.  No more clunky CD player and entire bag full of CDs! 🙂

I set up an iTunes account and got all my CDs on the computer yesterday, but I found I have duplicates.  Lots and lots and LOTS of duplicates.  So now I’m going through ALL my songs and individually removing those.  I don’t understand why iTunes doesn’t just have a “delete duplicates” button.  I mean, if it can identify all the doubles and put them together for me, why can’t it do a mass delete??

Well, I’d better get back to my duplicate disaster.  I now have exactly 1,000 duplicates left to sort through.  Yay for me!


p.s. By the way, this doesn’t change the fact that I am “anti-apple”.  🙂  Give me good ol’ Microsoft any day.  lol Blessings!


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