A word of reassurance, please!

the-star-of-bethlehem-dvdThis movie is an amazing documentary of one man’s research on the star of Bethlehem.  (You know, the star the magi followed to find the baby Jesus, as recorded in the Bible.)  The researcher in the film tells amazing atronomical events that ocurred in conjunction with Jesus’ conception and birth, and just why the star of Bethlehem was as bright as it was and why it stopped over Bethlehem, etc.  He proves that it happened through science.

It’s truly inspiring, and after watching it, I was excited and in awe of my God.  But I had to step back and think about it.  I’m no longer as confident.  The man presents well-researched information, but how do I, a simple American teenager, know that he’s quoting actual, accurate researchers?  He can say, “according to the historian so-and-so” and sound all smart, but he may have just made that person up!  I wouldn’t be able to know. 

So, I’m asking you guys, my audience.  How many of you have seen this and what do you think about it?

I’ll tell you the two things that concern me the most about this.

1) Why isn’t this more well-known?  If this is true, it proves the Bible’s validity, at least in conjunction with the birth of Christ.  So shouldn’t this be a hot-topic?  One that’s fought over?   Embraced by Christians and attacked by the world?

2) The DVD is for sale.  It bothers me that this miraculous event is something this guy is making money off of.  That’s something a televangelist would do!  I mean, if God revealed this amazing news to him, why isn’t he spreading the word to others free of charge?  Now, it’s not necessarily “wrong” for him to sell his DVD, but I would trust this more if it was free.  Other Christians have spread their stuff free of charge.  I blogged here once before about the man who created e-sword, a website to downloads bibles and commentaries, completely safe and free, believing he was called to.  I trust him, because he doesn’t get anything out of it.  “freely you have received, freely give.” 

I don’t mind admitting that money scares me.  But maybe my fears are unfounded.  Someone who knows about this DVD, please comment.  What are your thoughts??


12 Responses

  1. thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I don’t know why he isn’t giving them away for free. I don’t know. I’d follow your gut on this one.

  3. On the Star of Bethlehem website under resources, Rick Larson makes available the written script of the DVD for free. It is there for anyone to discover and read.

  4. Unfortunately, to reach the masses it requires people, companies, and money. Thus he must charge.

    Listen to your heart. Does this confirm in your heart the reality of Jesus?

    Sometimes we are so judgemental and focus on other people and their motives. Even if his motives are wrong (I am not saying they are), God can still use it to draw people unto Himself.

    So what is your heart saying?

    [They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” – Acts24:32]

  5. This program was aired on the EWTN Global Catholic Televison Network. I would call that world-wide free.
    I recorded it and I also ordered the DVD. I also have a hard copy of the material on the website.

  6. I too have been moved by this DVD to be more in awe of my God, and, like you, caught a glimpse of the tremendous implications its message has if its truth can be verified. More specifically because I do have a background that would also allow me to pursue this study in more depth to verify whether what this gentleman says is true, I began studying it somewhat in ernest in January and am still studying it. He relies heavily on the work of Dr. Ernest L. Martin (a well recognized Christian historian and teacher who’s work really provides the greater detail). I have read Dr. Martin’s work (which sites many ancient sources; all of which are valid and real sources not made up people or anything) and am now starting to read the ancient sources. Dr. Martin’s work specifically covers the background materials relevant to understanding the birth of Christ. He does not cover the crucifixion part of the DVD.

    I will have to say that so far Dr. Martin’s work seems to be very solid. If I reach a point in my study where I think it’s not, I’ll try to let you know.

    God Bless

  7. Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate them and am learning from them, as well! If any more news of this is uncovered or you know of other sites studying this, I’d much appreciate getting word about it!


  8. The fact that the astronomy related events might have been true has nothing to do with proving the existence of a “God” or proving that all the Bible is true. It is well known that the ancients had very good knowledge about the processes on the sky to which they payed much attention and upon which they built their myths. You probably saw the religion part from Zeitgeist…

  9. First let me say that there is no reason that money should scare you. It is not money that is the root of evil but the love of money. There is nothing wrong with getting paid to provide goods and services at a fair price. The prices for the DVD are very reasonable but the information in them is invaluable. While I share your concern about televangelists that are out to gain profit from false teaching I don’t believe this is the case with “The Star of Bethlehem” movie. The facts in this movie confirm that our God has been in control of everything in the universe from the beginning of time. Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

  10. Hi, This man is not making money on this movie. He is selling them for $11.95. If his motive was to make money it would be $29.95. Do you say this about all of the scientist etc who write books? Do you think that their only goal is to make money? Why do you think this about him. Besides the facts are there, you can check them out. I think that it is an amazing film. It just blew me away. AND it did not tell the date of Jesus’s birth but the date that the Magi found him and presented their gifts to him. AMAZING film and well worth $12.00 (shipping I think was $1.95, so he is not making money on shipping and handling.

  11. Simple american teenager or sick american teenager?

    Why doesn’t everyone know about this? Is that what you need to believe something is true? You have doubts about the people he quotes? Do you doubt every show you watch the same way? You doubt his integrity because there is a price for the DVD? How many people would see it before he would run out of money?

    You have answered your own question. The mainstream is much like you. They would rather lure people’s attention away by casting doubt than proclaim the truth.

    Here’s a few more the mainstream seem to leave unreported.
    Did you know that Darwin went to his grave proclaiming creation…along with Einstein? look into it. Archeologist have found Noah’s ark. Look into it. King Solomon’s tomb, the resting place for the Ark of the covenant, Abraham’s cities on the banks of the dead sea. These and hundreds of other findings all discovered but hardly reported.

    The idea that a true project is one for free is absurd. No where does God ask his people to spread his word for free. In fact it is quite the opposite. Pick up your bible! I hope that he makes a fortune. I get the hunch that he will do great things with that money to glorify God.

    Just curios. When you say “in awe of your God.” Are you referring to the God of the holy bible?

  12. Thank you all for your comments. Apparently, I need to do a little bit of clarifying here. First of all, let me say that I never condemned this man nor his research. This article was an attempt for me to ask questions about a topic I didn’t know much about. As someone who has been burned by modernized Christianity before, I am always more careful and hesitant than is always necessary.

    I also never claimed that this movie gave a date for the birth of Christ. I said that it proved its validity. That merely means that it is evidence that the Bible was not lying about what happened during the birth of Christ. However, I do want to make clear that I think the birth of Christ is completely valid. Whether or not the research done on the “Star of Bethlehem” is accurate or not will not change my faith.

    I do read the Bible. In fact, I know the Book quite well, as it is very important to me. My reverence for the Bible is what leads me to ask questions of the Christian media like I did with this article, which some of you have found offensive. I want to make sure that the discourse surrounding the Bible is accurate because I love the Book, not for any selfish reason. I apologize if that was not clear. I actually closed this article with a Biblical reference. For those of you who did not recognize it, Matthew 10:8 states: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” I admit, there is a passage in the Bible where Paul discusses receiving money for his ministry, that is why today churches pay their pastors. Their job is full-time ministry. But “The Star of Bethlehem” isn’t about making a living in the ministry. Giving and sacrifice are common themes in the Bible, and my search for more of that within Christianity is not ridiculous.

    Although I apologize for anything I did not make clear, I will not apologize for asking these questions. It is not a sin to question or be concerned. I feel that some of the defensive responses were unfounded. My questions were not rude or heretical. My quest to learn MORE about the information in “The Star of Bethlehem” should have made you excited, not feel threatened.

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