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I’m finally back to my blog after being laid-up from oral surgery.  I had three wisdom teeth removed at the beginning of the week and am just now returning to my normal self.  Only three? you may ask.  Why not get them all done with?  Yes, that’s what I wondered.  Apparently, I only have three wisdom teeth. My body did not develop a fourth.  When I asked the surgeon why, here is the story he gave me:

Thousands of years ago (notice he did not say millions), humans ate really tough, difficult-to-chew things, such as dinosaur skins.  The stuff they ate was so hard, it was almost like rocks and ground our teeth down, making room for when our “wisdom teeth” arrived in our mouth.  Well, as the years progressed and humans evolved more and more, our bodies got smaller, and our brains got bigger.  We now make food that doesn’t grind our teeth, which is why so many people need to remove them.  But beyond that, in my case, my brain was so developed that it was smart enough to know that I didn’t need that fourth wisdom tooth, and therefore it didn’t even develop it.

LOL.  I’m not convinced the surgeon even believed this story, because after telling it, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s the story, just go with it.”

When I was moaning in pain the night of the surgery, I looked over at my mother and said,  “Gee, mom, if you would have just fed me rocks when I was growing up I wouldn’t be in all this pain!”



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  1. hope your feeling better.

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