here we go again…

Well, I’m back in college.  Round two.  I have now attended the first session of all my classes and have a feel of what the next four months of my life will be like.  My classes this semester should both stretch me and rebuild my foundation in different areas.  Which is what I had in mind when picking these classes, so I guess that was successful.

For my British Literature class, I have learned that I have a difficult teacher.  Supposedly kids have made T-shirts that said “I survived [professors name]!”  Yikes!  He didn’t come off as harsh . . . but the first day, all that happens is lecture.  I guess time will tell a lot. . .  I’m now reading Beowulf for this class.  I haven’t gotten very far into it.  I hope it’s better than the movie portrays.  I never saw the film, but total blood and guts will get old.


My Musicianship for non-majorsclass makes me laugh.  Turns out this class is the basic of the basic.  As in “This is what we call a ‘whole note’.  It gets four beats.  Everyone clap that out with me now.”  lol.  I actually will really like this class.  The professor promises it will get harder, and my music could really use the reinforcement of beats and how to count!!

Then there’s my Women’s Studies class.  This I took because it was required.  This’ll stretch me, all right.  It’s going to be awkward, because I’m about as far from “feminist” as you can get.  I’ve already started referring to the class as my “feminist” class and my “feminist teacher”.  I like my teacher; from what I’ve seen from one lecture (not enough to judge, I realize) she seems like a sweet lady.  It’s also just a level 100 class, so it can’t be that hard, right?  haha…guess we’ll see.

Then there’s my English Tutoringclass.  This should be my favorite!  This will help me correct papers (and should then improve my own writing) as well as qualify me to work in my school’s writing lab, helping other student’s with their work. YAY.  I’m very excited.  Nice teacher.  I already know some people from the class.  The assignments look like fun.  This should be the highlight of my semester.

Then I still have violin lessons and Orchestra rehearsals going on throughout the week.  That takes up a about 5-6 hours a week.  I don’t enjoy Orchestra, but I learn too much from it to quit.  Playing difficult classical pieces in a big setting like that really improves my playing, so I’ll strive on.  As for lessons, I love those!  My teacher is wonderful.  He’s so much fun and sincerely helps me without belittling my playing.

So, there’s my thoughts on week #1 of semester #2!


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