should I really be honest?

I had to write this paper for my Women’s Studies class.  It’s one of those “required” classes that I would have preferred not to take, but oh well.  It’s supposed to be about what I believe feminism is.  Am I crazy to turn this in to a liberal, feminist teacher???  I’m kinda nervouse.


                What is feminism?  Feminism is defined as an organized movement advocating the equality of women and men (  On the surface, this sounds wonderful.  However, what a movement claims and what it does are not always the same thing.  You ask if I’m a feminist.  My answer would be “no”.  It’s not that I don’t believe women are equal to men.  They are.  Absolutely.  But women are different than men.  This is crucial.  I believe in celebrating our differences and I do not see this happening within the feminist movement. 

                What I see happening in society today is this:  little girls dress up like princesses, running after their daddies for approval.  They long to be told that they are beautiful.  They want to live a fairy tale life-including the part where the damsel in distress is rescued by Prince Charming.  These girls then grow up in our “politically correct” culture and before you know it, that little girl has vanished.  Instead we see “tough”, embittered females who refuse to so much as let a man open the door for them!  What happened?  The little girl was told that her dream was wrong.  She was made to dream something else.  Now her dreams consist of the pro-choice movement, calling every woman “Ms.”, referring to “history” as “herstory”, turning the God of any religion into a woman instead of a man, and many other female-complimentary acts.  Denying the men in our lives a role as leader, lover, friend, confidante and any other role they could fall into is not fair to them.  Are we looking for equality or female dominance? 

                You ask for specific people I view as feminists.  Well, there are many in Hollywood, but to be honest, I don’t give them any credit.  I will never judge anything by how Hollywood portrays it.  Instead, I get my information from people I run into everyday.  They are the ones who can show me what feminism is.  This happens daily when at college.  They are people who I have the utmost respect for, just disagree with.  My friends, my classmates, my coworkers.  Many consider themselves “feminists.”  I also get my information from places such as the women’s center on campus.  I recall reading posters of theirs, with “confessions” from different women in their classes.  The board was filled with horrendous deeds.  One of the many being: I have cheated on every boyfriend I’ve had.  I had to ask myself:  why is that something to be proud of?

                I am proud to be a woman.  And as a woman I will always push for respect, responsibility, love, generosity and kindness as well as equality.


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