too personal?

I love to blog.  I don’t read a lot of other’s blogs, however.  I stated in my “about” section, that this site of mine is like a personal, on-line journal.   It’s a way for me to discipline myself to write something habitually.

But is blogging too personal?  Should people be posting their beliefs, thoughts and ideals all over the World Wide Web?  I can’t help but think that people will get too caught up in blog life–and others’ lives  through blogging– and forget about their real life.   

Why do you blog?


3 Responses

  1. I wonder this same thing sometimes. I blog for my business and then blog to journal what is going on with my kids and our life. I dont have time to keep a paper journal anymore so to me it is the next best thing. I wonder if I get too personal tho….

  2. :), and here I was wondering if I’m not writing enough of a personal journal, or not writing enough about my beliefs, politics, etc.,

    for me, it’s to stretch my writing muscle, practice, practice, practice, but mostly because i just love to write. other times, it’s to vent. there are times when a stranger viewing a post is much easier to deal with than someone i already know.

    and the same with kelly b.. it is really time consuming to handwrite in a journal sometimes. typing goes so much faster :).

  3. I blog because I feel I have something important to say. Not that “I” am important but that the topic is important. As a Christian I want to share my views and what God has burdened me with.
    To answer the second part. I believe in freedom- freedom of religion, sex, race, and even sexual preference. I may not agree with or support certain views, but I believe in freedom. I have spent the last 14 years of my life in the military defending that same belief.
    Third- Yes, people get to personal, and when you do it comes back to haunt you. However, that can be a good thing as well. It is a delicate line to walk to know when is enough and when is too much.

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