Cabin Fever

 I need to break free in the summer sun, the warm wind messing my hair and the hot gravel singeing the soles of my feet.

I need to scurry up an old tree, reuniting with my friends of nature and soaking up their peace as well as their passion.

I need to dig in the dirt and drop little dependent seeds into that moist cushion that nourishes like a mother’s breasts.

I need to smell the scent of dead grass as it shoots out the mower, sticking to everything, including my sweaty body.

I need to listen to a good ol’ country song as I jog down the road, it’s message telling me to work hard and appreciate my life right where it’s at.

I need to don a large T-shirt and shorts and throw my hair up in a messy pony-tail, not caring how I look or who sees me in such attire.

I need to see the distinct color shades of greens, blues and browns . . .

Am I alone in this?



One Response

  1. You are definitely not alone. I feel the same way all winter sometimes.

    Especially today! I wanted the sun to come out all day today!

    Anyways, I like your blog, and am totally not being a creeper… (well maybe a little bit)… lol, but I enjoy reading people’s blogs and I saw you had one, and thought I’d check it out. Anyways, feel free to check mine out too.

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