cell issues

I dropped my cell-phone in a large water puddle the other night.  Yep.  We had some funky spring weather for awhile here (too bad it didn’t last).  The snow was melting and, due to the harsh winter, there was a lot of the white stuff to get rid of.  Standing water was everywhere.  You couldn’t walk more than a few feet without getting wet.  

Well, after Orchestra practice I was hurrying back to my dorm.  I was wearing sweatpants instead of jeans, having decided to go comfortable for the day.  One problem with sweats: the pockets are flimsy.  My phone was in one such pocket and, as I hopped over a puddle that looked a bit too deep to tread through, I heard a splash followed by a “thud”. 

Groaning, I turned to see the back snapped off of my phone as the battery soaked up some good ol H2O.  After quickly removing my phone, I dried what I could with my T-shirt, then attempted to survey the damage.  It was soaked!

I was unable to get the battery out with my cold, wet fingers, so I hurried back to my room where my roommate assisted me.  She then left for her volleyball game, and I set the motorola out to dry, unsure what to do.  I did research, which proved to be little help other than telling me what not to do: never stick a wet phone in a freezer, because you’ll trap the water inside. 

I then went on facebook, and got all sorts of advice from friends:  place phone in oven on low temp, carefully blow dry, stick phone in a bowl of rice, leave alone and let air-dry. 

I had no rice and I was too scared to use heat, so I went with the last option.  After laying my cell out all night, I hoped for the best. 

Sadly, the morning brought no new results.  My phone still would not work.  I spent the morning phone-less and tried again mid-afternoon.  Popping the battery in, I watched the screen flicker oddly and freeze.  My heart sank. This wasn’t going well.

But then, in achingly slow motion, normal motions began flickering over the phone screen and the opening music began to play.  

I was elated.  My phone works!!

Advice of the week:  never put your cell in the pocket of your swets (unless they close with a zipper)  and let any wet phone completely air-dry.


3 Responses

  1. Good story, That really stinks for you though LOL.

    I’m glad you enjoyed my blog so far. I too am looking forward to the evil white stuff going away.

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  3. A buddy of mine purchased a brand new phone. The second day he had on a sweatshirt with one of those big pockets on the front that go through all the way from either side. Well, when he went to the urinal to relieve himself….splash. Unfortunately, his didn’t survive.

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