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what I’m for

College was a huge stretcher for me.  I loved it–really, I did.  However, as much as I enjoyed the challenge, by the end of the year I have to admit there were things that I was tired of.  I was tired of always being on the defense. It seemed like every professor believed differently than I did when it came to . . . well, everything.  I don’t make a habit of starting arguments just to state my beliefs.  If I’m going to debate you, its because there is a vital, important reason the argument needs to be exposed.  That almost never happens in college.  So when I claim to be on the defense, its more or less watching what I say so I don’t appear to agree.  Example: I’m not a feminist, but I had to try to join the discussion in my Women’s Studies class without sounding all excited about the movement (that would be deceitful and lying) or being a mean jerk and cutting apart the beliefs that are very close to the other womens’ hearts.  I’m grateful that I was able to make friends with people whose views differ from mine.  But the mental game got wearing.  I was tired of trying to figure out other people’s beliefs and have them try to figure out mine.  I wasn’t the only student who didn’t feel it necessary to wear my heart on my sleeve over issues of gay marriage, abortion, capital punishment, feminism, media power, religion, etc. etc.  When you first meet people, no one cares, but over time, these issues start to come up.  I’m not ashamed of what I stand for; these issues would eventually come up with my friends and I found ways to say where I stand.  But I got sick of it.  I heard a song I’m going to share on the radio recently, and I was honestly amazed.  The message isn’t that rare.  Its just a guy stating all the little things in life that he stands for.  We’ve all done that.  But there’s this catch-phrase, of sorts, that amazes me:

You don’t have to guess what I’m against if you know what I’m for.

Wow.  Its simple, but yet so profound.  And it hit me with a huge force.  So maybe you and I disagree on some major, touchy issues. But if you examine the little things, those issues that actually make life what it is, I’ll bet we agree on a whole lot more.

I was only able to find a live, accoustic version of this song.  Normally I don’t like to play those, because the musicians always hit some wrong notes, but Pat Green did a decent job.  Please ignore the mistakes and listen to the powerful message!

Emily Grace


5 Responses

  1. Why are you not feminist? And why were you taking a women’s studies class?

  2. Hey Karen. Thanks for taking time to comment. I feel the goal of the feminism movement is to give equality to men and women. (which is also the definition of the movement.) However, I believe they have already achieved that goal. Apparently, according to what I learned in my Women’s Studies class, I’m what’s called a “post-feminist”. The reason I was taking the class is because it fulfilled one of my generals classes that I have to take.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I do agree with you on some parts of the post but not all. I think its awesome that you can be so honest and open. Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for commenting on my blog.

  4. Thanks, Amy! I appreciate your honesty. I’m glad you don’t agree with everything I say: that’s what makes you who you are!

  5. I like that song. Thanks. I had never heard it before.

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