Learning to trust

Today has been quite emotional for me.  I’ve been concerned for my little church for several years, but this last year especially.  I have watched our young leave, our old die and those that remained grow tired, straining under their burdens. I’m at a loss to understand the “why” for it all.  Today I watched one man grow emotional to the point of tears over our plight, and it was too much for me.  Normally I pride myself in being a pretty strong, independent girl.  Not today, though.

When I finally checked my e-mail this afternoon, I was given a dear gift, however.  In a newsletter I get from Ransomed Heart Ministries, this appeared:

When we face trials, our most common reaction is to ask God, “Why won’t you relieve us?” And when He doesn’t, we resignedly ask, “What do you want me to do?”  Now we have a new question: “Where is the Romance headed?”

I’m still not sure where my balance is.  I spent the early afternoon thinking of things I can say, people with authority that I could visit with, actions that I could take.  I can’t in good conscience just watch my beloved little chapel crumble away.  Yet what if that’s God’s will?  What if He needs each of our congregation somewhere else in the future?  I don’t want to be stubborn and get in His way, either.  After all, sometimes God answers our prayers with a “no.”

Well, God? What’s happening?  Where are you taking this Romance now?


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