Defending our Defenders

In recent decades, our military has come under attack by the people of America.  It has been claimed that their wars are not just and their methods inhumane.  In keeping up with this weeks Memorial Day theme, I want to speak out for those wonderful men and women who paid the ultimate price in our recent wars, only to be decorated as heroes because it was “politically correct” to do so.  They’ve come home in caskets with with very few people sincerely grateful for their sacrifice.  Although I cannot presume to speak for them, it is their stories that compel me to write this. 

Before any of you go trashing our beloved military, maybe you should consider the sources of your information first.  Just who are you getting these ideas of military corruption from? 

  • The News Media?  They have already proven themselves to be biased and promoters of their own agendas and ideologies.  I have already started hearing the concern of America’s news being too far gone to turn back.  As someone who has worked in the reporting field and even toyed with the idea of a career in it, that breaks my heart.  American citizens no longer have the right to hear balanced, nonobjective news?  How tragic!  If what you hear on the news is spurring doubt or outright animosity towards our soldiers and their cause, please consider this vital point that you may be basing your beliefs off of lies.  I encourage you to do your own personal reporting.  Go out and interview returned soldiers, study the culture of the people we are fighting, read the historic reports filed by our military leaders and Commander-in-Chief.  You may come away with the same view, but you will also come away a nobler person for your efforts.
  • Hollywood?  It never ceases to amaze me how celebrities try to butt into politics.  They certainly have the right and no doubt some of them are intelligent human beings.  But just because Matt Damon is hot and stars in your favorite action movie does not give you logical cause to assume that his personal beliefs are correct.  And when you see stars sit down for interviews on politics, you need to go back to my first point and ask yourself what the reporter is thinking!  Why is this reporter wasting time interviewing a subject who isn’t involved in the situation?  Who cares what hollywood thinks?  If they want their politics to matter, they can vote–just like the rest of us!  If you are lining up your views to that of your favorite TV star, consider this: Hollywood has already proven itself to be both immoral and irresponsible.  Who are these people to criticize our brave soldiers and their efforts while they themselves squander their money, sleep around, pose nude for pictures, marry on a whim, cheat on their spouse, divorce for flippant reasons and neglect their children?  Do you really think they are reliable sources of information?
  • Politicians.  Ah, yes.  The people who are supposed to be our reliable source but, instead, have proven themselves to be corrupt.  America is inundated with cries–on both sides of the political aisle–of: what money?  Who is that?  I never said that!  I didn’t vote that way!  Our politicians are greedy liars who care only for themselves.  We have shamefully voted them in and do not know how to get out of it.  I believe part of that problem is linked back to having a corrupt news media, so we don’t quite realize who we are electing, but that doesn’t excuse us for not playing reporter ourselves before we place a check mark on a ballot!  What you hear your corrupt politicians say through your biased news media is not reliable enough to base your own judgments on.  It should be and I wish it was…but its not. 

I trust the military.  Where each of these groups–News, Hollywood, Politics–have failed us, our soldiers have stood strong.  Where each of the former groups have proven themselves despicable and unreliable, our soldiers have proven themselves honorable and trustworthy.  When the military experiences problems within itself, and corruption wields its ugly head, they promptly deal with it and then move on.  You see, the military runs on the basis that it has a mission and nothing must stand in the way of fulfilling that mission.  Including itself.  So when need be, the military will cut out that bad seed growing inside it because such a thing is a hindrance to a successful mission.  Then they refocus their eyes on the goal and surge on without a backward glance.  Imagine of our politicians did that, how strong  a nation we’d be!  If hollywood did that, how noble America would be in the eyes of the world.  If our News Media did that, how educated we’d be! 

As long as I must side between my military and the aspects of my Americanized pop culture…I will choose the military.  I am so grateful that so many soldiers have already laid down their lives for the very reporters, actors and politicians speaking against them.  That is American!


4 Responses

  1. It depends on what you mean by the military. I believe most grunts and low-ranking officers have only the best of intentions—to serve and defend our country’s best interests. And they are trained to follow orders.

    But some of the higher-ups have absolutely no morals and put the soldiers in dangerous and morally dubious situations, often unnecessarily. Torture doesn’t happen because soldiers are mean people. Torture happens because the policy makers order (through insinuation, coercion, or direct command) soldiers to torture. Soldiers fight in unnecessary or unjust wars because corrupt politicians order them to do it.

    I have nothing against soldiers in the military. But those corrupt politicians you talk about are in charge of the major decisions that affect what the soldiers do, and I do have a problem with those politicians and higher-ups.

  2. My military I mean soldiers of all ranks. I was referring to the military as one entity and one unit. I both agree and understand that decisions are made by politicians and that those decisions have not always been good. But I continue to believe in the military way of dealing with the corruption they find. Are there high ranking officials that have made corrupt decisions for the entire military? I have no doubt. Where you find human beings, you will find problems. But I have more faith in the military than I do any other leaders in our country and give them the benefit of the doubt. It would take substantial and insurmountable evidence before I’d feel comfortable claiming a military leader corrupt. Such that no biased reporter or dirty politician could possibly invent or use to frame the soldier for their own agenda. The day may come when I am no longer able to be this confident about the American military, but as of now I feel very safe in backing them and remaining proud of them.

  3. Woops. That’s supposed to say “BY military” in the beginning. 🙂

  4. Thank you Emily.
    SSgt Shawn Holmes
    USAF/Florida ANG
    Integrity First
    Service Before Self
    and Excellence In All We Do!

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