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I’ll admit: I don’t watch David Letterman.  I don’t watch any late-night television comedy.  This is due to several reasons: I prefer to go to bed early, I don’t watch much television, I dislike comedians.  I find comedians to be little more than tasteless individuals who make money by making fun of other people. Am I wrong in my assessment?  As a girl raised to have a strong work-ethic and follow the Golden Rule, I find that to be reprehensible.   My review of Letterman’s remarks to Palin’s daughter has nothing to do with politics.  When you’re in politics, you need to have a thick skin, I realize.  But I don’t care who it was he made fun of.  I wouldn’t care if she were a stranger he randomly decided to pick on.  On what planet are such comments comical?  And why are we listening to it?  Letterman is saying these things to entertain you.  He believes you’ll think them funny.  And do you?  Did you hear the laughter in the background when he made his remarks?  We don’t need to turn his remarks into a political battle or scandal.  That will do no good to the poor girl he picked on and will only up his ratings.  We just need to say we disagree and then stop watching.  I don’t mean this as an act of boycotting.  A do-things-my-way-or-I’ll-stop-supporting-you ultimatum.  I’m not a fan of that either.  I just want our society to alter our own tastes.  Stop watching simply because you have found other, more productive things to do with your time.  Don’t only blame Letterman for making crass jokes.  Blame yourself and our society for enjoying them. 

And so, Mr. Letterman, I disagree with you.  I guess I can’t stop watching you, though, when I never really started.


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