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computer brain

computer brainWell, today is Wednesday, which means, according to my schedule, I’m supposed to post some of my original writings from this week.  But truthfully, this week has been very busy and abnormal.  I haven’t written much, and what I have penned isn’t really worth sharing.  The other option I have–what everyone in blog-land is discussing–the funeral of Michael Jackson, isn’t something I feel like blogging about today.  Maybe we’ll cover him tomorrow.  Or not.  He really doesn’t need any more publicity.  So we’re going to talk about this instead.

“This” is a news article claiming computers from both South Korea and the United States’ government were hacked into recently.  I believe the article refers to it as “cyber warfare.”  Welcome to 21st century fighting, people!  I find the timing of this slightly ironic, because just yesterday I listened to my grandpa and a family friend discuss how bad it is for businesses to rely solely on computers.  Our friend, who was visiting due to business, not a social afternoon, claimed that it looks pretty bad to ask a salesman a question only to have him “look it up” on the computer, unable to simply give you a straight answer.  This is in no way denying that computers are important.  As a writer, my world has been made significantly easier by them.  No more typewriters, like my grandparents used!  But I think humans have let the computer replace their brain. 

Computers should not do your thinking for you!  My math teacher tried to drill that into my head in regards to calculators.  (Which I stubbornly refused to believe.  At the time, adding on the machine seemed more logical to me.)  But there are tech-savvy people out there, and when our government uses machines–computers–to protect us, it is dangerous indeed.  (As I feel this news article proves.)  If it is possible to get inside the place where we store our Intelligence, you can be sure that there are people who will–and they will use it against us.  Next time we’re attacked, I have no doubt the bad guys will shut down our operating systems first, so we don’t know how to stop them.  This means that we need the individuals in Homeland Security, the FBI, etc. to be smarter than the computers and machines the bad guys have.  Is that even possible?  I really don’t know.

But I do know that computers have replaced manpower.  They have replaced education, courage, intelligence, emotion and sacrifice.  This is not to say we cannot have both–I think we should.  Its definitely still possible for us to revert back to a balance of both, with each in its rightful place.  But if I had to choose between the two….give me manpower any day!


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  1. M-16’s don’t use computers!! Just sayin..

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