Character Development

WIPI was inspired to return to an older manuscript I’d started writing several years ago.  This story is the dearest to my heart and one I’ve spent the most time on.  Its taken many changes over the years, making my head spin, but hopefully they’ve been good and necessary adjustments.  Right now I’m trying something I’ve never done before.  I’ve decided to use my main characters to “show off” and emphasize a secondary one.  I’m not sure if I can accomplish it, but am excited to try.  It’ll be the epitome of the “show, don’t tell” rule.  The reason I am doing this is to avoid “preachiness.”  I want this secondary character to emulate spirituality, but only as seen through the eyes of my main characters.  In this way, showing the spiritual through others’ eyes, I can give a good view of what proper faith looks like.  Not what it is, or what struggles there are, merely how it should come across.  It won’t distract from my story and will also show how the spiritual really weaves throughout all life in a behind-the-scenes way.  Plus this character is a binary for other characters I have, who epitomize religion and the errors faith has taken.  My story deals with a lot: prostitution, religion, lost love, dysfunctional families, teen sex.  Its important for this story to be realistic.  But I always write with a purpose.  And I want that purpose to subtly shine in, to be there in the form of this selfless secondary character, waiting for my readers to make the connection on their own.

So anyway, I am working, and this is what I’m working on.  Actually, I’ve been doing more thinking about this change than writing it. (not a good thing!)  Any recommendations from writers out there?  Can you think of the best way to accomplish this mirror effect I’m trying my hand at?

Emily Grace


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