Healthcare poll

eye of the beholder For my new “Eye of the Beholder” series, I am going political.  (For this series I intend to pose a question or scenario, but ask for my readers’ opinions on it, instead of telling my own.) I’m starting to have pretty set opinions about this post’s topic, but want to learn what other people think.  So tell me:  WHAT DO YOU THINK OF OBAMA’S NEW HEALTHCARE PLAN?

Thanks in advance for your opinions!


Emily Grace


2 Responses

  1. I think it’s going to cost a lot more than they think it is. I remember when it was the Churches responsibility to care for the poor. It’s too bad we stopped helping others and started helping ourselves.

  2. Health care needs to be reformed so we have fewer uninsured, but we will be losing the freedom to determine our own healthcare. My bil is in endstage kidney failure due to 2 tours in Viet Nam and exposure to Agent Orange. He goes to the VA for his treatment. He is worried because in the next year he will have to go on dialysis or consider a kidney transplant. He is worried a government formed committee will determine it would not be cost effective to keep him alive. He is too old, he is 64. He will have no choice. AND I do NOT want my tax dollars to provide abortions.

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