Yesterday was a good day.  Why?  Because any day spent with a good friend is.  There are many relationships I have with people that I mistakenly label as “friendships.”  We all have them–people we spend time with because we are obligated to.  We work with them, attend school or church with them, are in similar clubs as them… They’re nice people, but not the individuals we feel comfortable unburdening our hearts to.  Yesterday was not spent with that kind of “friend,” however.  This special girl I am emotionally and spiritually tied to is one of my favorite people on the planet!  We met at a small coffee shop, as has become our habit, and chatted the morning away.  (Going for months without communicating leaves a lot to be discussed!) 

One of those things we discussed was friendship.  She is the same age as I am.  We’re both young girls getting ready to head back to college in a week’s time.  College has a way of stretching a person and forcing you to examine both yourself and your world.  One examination we made left us with a bitter taste: friendships are dying.  Now, I’m not talking about High School friendships.  I was under no illusion of those lasting.  High School peers fall into that “friend-by-obligation” category–you spend time with them because no one else is around!  The examination my friend and I made was different.  We sawthis shift into adulthood that cut ties with the dear confidante’s in a person’s life.  It’s like you get through college (where you rely on friendships to make it through) and then go out into the world alone.  Humans are so dedicated to their busy schedule that coffee-shop mornings with an old pal are nonexistant.  Tearful confessions and compassionate hugs are traded for rushing up the corporate-ladder and driving our kids to soccer games.  This can’t be good!  Because when your mid-life crisis hits (which I’m only recently starting to believe exist as I observe people around me) you really do think you’re alone. 

My husband is the only man who watches TV more than he talks to me. 
My wife is the only woman who gained weight and got moody as she aged.  
I am the only person whose temper is running on a shorter fuse each year.

And what happens then?  Divorce? Depression? Drugs? Job loss? 

My friend and I committed to maintaining our friendship for life and at all costs!  We figure that, no matter what paths life may take each of us on, (and believe me–we’re both dreaming big in two very separate directions!) we’ll always need the other in some way. 

“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”
– Elbert Hubard

Do you keep a close friend or two by your side?  What commitments do you make with each other?


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