Writing Schedule

Here is a rough schedule of the main issues I write about.  This certainly isn’t kept religiously, but it keeps me accountable and reminds me of the main priorities I have for this blog.  If any of these topics interest you, please let me know!  Is there anything specific you’d like to see me write about (maybe to help advertise your own business)?  Would you be interested in appearing on Footsteps as a guest blogger?  Do you have any questions about these subjects?  I’d love to hear from you!

To find articles in each of these specific series, click the “Topics” dropdown box located on the righthand side of this blog! 

Emily Grace

SUNDAYS~Restful Reflections

I am NOT of the belief that working on Sunday is a sin.  I’ve certainly worked many-a-Sunday myself.  However, on average, I prefer to have that one peaceful day of rest to relax and rejuvenate.  I believe its important to a person’s health–both emotionally and physically.    I spend these days going on leisurely walks, reading books, visiting with family or friends, watching movies, etc.  This series on Restful Reflections will be written Sunday evenings (or late afternoons).  It will chronicle what I learned during my day of rest. 

TUESDAYS~stop the traffick II

Human Trafficking (the selling of human beings into domestic labor or prostitution rings) is the cause I have decided to take a stand against. (See my My Cause page for more info and background on this horrendous subject!) Footsteps will dedicate Tuesdays to raising awareness about this awful crime.  If any of you have something about this topic you’d like to share with me, feel free!  Let’s help end slavery!


I am a writer whose goal is to someday be a published novelist.  It will be years before that dream comes true, but in the meantime I continue to write short stories.  I tend to get distracted, however, with this little thing called life.  It likes to pull me away from my computer quite often.  With Wednesdays dedicated to my “WIP”s (Works-in-Progress), I am hoping to gain accountability throughout my week, as this will obligate me to get some writing done.  I may be complaining about problems I’ve encountered while writing or posting snippets of my rough drafts.  I am open to suggestions, so feel free to comment on these.

PERIODICALLY~honest to goodness

During my freshman year of college, I conducted a research project uncovering bias in the news media.  I had worked at and been involved with news and the media before and came very close majoring in journalism.  Although I decided against the major, the study is still highly important to me.  It was during this time that I proposed to dedicate portions of my blog to talking about honesty, uncovering dishonesty and searching for the positive and good things in each situation.  This is my personal way of countering how inundated society has become with the negative aspects of life.  I believe that if you want to find goodness, you merely have to look for it.  Because, TRUTH be told, dishonesty exists in far more than just the news media: its everywhere!

eye of the beholder

This series is for those times when I get tired of talking about me and spouting off my own opinions.  I am young and I will always be learning.  Education is important to me.  But how am I supposed to learn anything if I don’t take time to find out what other opinions exist? Eye of the Beholder will be when I pose the question or scenario, but ask for my readers’ opinions on it, instead of telling my own.  So please help expand my little mind and respond! 🙂  (note: I really desire my readers’ opinions all the time, in every post, not only these.  This series is merely my effort to show how important I view you all to be!)


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