Trafficking on Primetime

Tuesdays here on Footsteps is dedicated to the issue of human trafficking.  Today, I want to share a link with you that should provide a glimpse into what I am most concerned about: American sex slavery.  If we can’t stop this from happening in the land that stands for freedom, then can it truly be stopped anywhere?  If you were ever confused as to how pimps get away with sex slavery in the U.S., then click below!


p.s. Remember: Character matters!


Love 146

stop the traffick IIToday is Tuesday.  This is the day I choose to focus on the subject of Human Trafficking here at Footsteps.  There’s really only so much a person can say about Trafficking.  Eventually I just start repeating myself! (If you’re new to Footsteps, and would like to see what I’ve said about this issue in the past, click on the Topics” drop-down on the right sidebar and go to “Human Trafficking” or “Stop the Traffick” or click on the “My Cause” tab at the top of the page.)  One new thing I’ve been doing in regards to Trafficking is watching a plethora of different videos on the subject.  Seeing other people’s emotional works is an inspiration to me.  I’ve found one video that I would like to share with you.  It’s a new organization I stumbled upon.  Their website is  They are an organization specializing in Aftercare and Prevention.  In other words, they train safe houses how to best care for children rescued from sexual exploitation and they speak out about prevention of Human Trafficking. Here is their promotional video.

p.s. Quick reminder: Don’t forget that September 25-27 is prayer weekend for Human Trafficking, set up by the Salvation Army!

Mark your calendars!

My cousin sent me this link from the Salvation Army because she knows how much raising Human Trafficking awareness means to me.  The Salvation Army is hosting a prayer weekend September 25-27.  I hope you pray against this crime often, but please mark your calendars and pray especially hard as Christians from all around follow the Salvation Army’s lead that weekend and release Satan’s hold from his innocent Trafficking victims!

stop the traffick IIThank you!

Emily Grace

trafficking video

stop the traffick IIIt’s Stop the Traffick Tuesday here on Footsteps.  This week, I am posting a video to share.   At the end of this video there are some words and statistics shared, but the font is difficult to read.  For that, I apologize.   

Take away the market!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  Why does life get so busy with…life!?  I meant to write an “anniversary” post to myself on the 21st.  January 21st signaled one year since I’ve been praying for (and trying to raise awareness about) Human Trafficking.  This is so important to me!  Why are there slaves in America?

Because there’s a market. 

Anytime you are frustrated about any given situation, remember that the MARKET is why things are sold.  If no one wanted slaves…if no one bought sex…Human Trafficking would not exist! 

You can apply that rule to ANYTHING, not just Human Trafficking.

What does this mean for people who are trying to end devastation in their world?  It means EDUCATION.  It means dealing with the next generation.  Not hiding the truth from them, not sugar coating problems or attempting to make them black and white. 

We need to say, “Hey, this is what we’re dealing with.   This is BOTH SIDES of the issue objectively.  Here’s what’s happening.”

We need to teach our kids to be role models, to be decent citizens.

threads of hope

threads-of-hope-picOne of my best friends sent me a card in the mail yesterday.  Inside this card was one of these bracelets.  The card said, “They told me that these bracelets helped keep women from prostitution.  I immediately thought of you and your concern of human trafficking.”  Aren’t friends wonderful things?  They remember things that are important to you and touch your heart through that.  The bracelet didn’t fit my wrist, so I’m wearing it as an anklet. 

I encourage you to check out this ministry’s website.  I’m so impressed!

body and sold

Last night a group of area actors performed Body and Sold at my campus.  This production is a play written about eight different individuals and their true testimonies on how they were hooked into Human Trafficking.  I was so blessed to be able to see and hear what they went through.  This is the website for the production:

If you ever have the opportunity to watch it, I recommend doing so.  It’s about 80 minutes without intermission and covers everything from what led to these individuals getting sucked into Trafficking, what happened to them when they were in it and post-rescue as well as where they are today. 

The other thing I appreciated about it was that they were all domestic cases.  In other words, each one of them was American citizens lured into trafficking.  The reason that is, to me, so powerful is that it reveals American’s neglect of the problem.  It shows that it’s not just a border-issue or political one.  It’s happening under our noses.

So, anyway, check it out!